Car purchase With a bank or a dealership?

The purchase of cars does not only have banks as the only means of financing

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Did you already know Well, if not, it’s time for you to find out. And it is that dealers can also help you finance this purchase. You want to know more? Keep reading and decide whether to buy a car with a bank or a dealership!




Before presenting the financing options I will remind you that you can also buy a car in cash . However, I advise you again that this is not the best option. And you have to keep in mind that cars are goods that lose their value. Better to finance and invest the money we don’t spend, to buy it in cash, in our own business.


Vehicle credit with a bank


The advantage of requesting a vehicle loan from the same bank is that you can buy both a new and a second car with the loan money. Both options are available in the credit types of banks.


A loan requested from a bank to buy a car is also recommended for a payment issue


Since the bank specializes in monetary issues, it will know how to give you a solution if you have problems with the fees at some point.


Credit with a concessionaire

If we choose a dealership to finance the new car, we will have to first of all get premiere cars in them. Apart from this, dealerships usually give different benefits to their customers and even seasonal promotions that, if we know how to take advantage, can be very convenient (such as car insurance , discounts, etc.).


One more point in favor of concessionaires is that they tend to accept more customers than banks, and they are less strict. Therefore, if a bank denies you the loan you can try a concessionaire that probably does approve it.


Extra tips


Before deciding which entity will finance your credit: Compare well ! And you should know what the total cost you will pay for your new car before buying it. That will help your finances not to get out of balance.

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