Get ready to throw up those praise hands for your business and life.

We're about to make big things happen together, my friend.

Once upon a time, we were running around. Stressed. Exhausted. We were trying to build businesses, raising families and it felt like too much. There we were, wishing we had more hands and more time.

Okay, that part hasn't changed. (#momlife, amiright?)

But what has changed is our outlook. Our mindset. And with that, our success.

And girl. Get ready to throw up your "Amen Hallelujah" hands because we're not holding back.

Look. We see you over there. We get it. You're stressed out. You're tired. Maybe even a little bit scared. And we get it. 

Because we lived that struggle life.

But it's time to get off the struggle bus and step into your life of purpose, of passion and of just owning the absolute mess out of your goals.  You know, minus the mess. In fact, we're going to help you get rid of that mess entirely.

Because here's the thing. We help overwhelmed and struggling entrepreneurs find that place where satisfaction and success come together. No more sacrificing your personal happiness for business success and no more putting your dreams on hold because you feel like it's "too much." 

With over 15 years of combined experience in content strategy, mindset coaching and online business, we know that it takes more than just one person to propel a business owner into dreamland. And that's why we've come together.

All of that sounds too good to be true, right? I know. It's awesome. So let's set you up with the facts. With our beliefs. And with the truth that will set you free. No, really. Freedom, my friend.

Your dreams are legit.

No matter how exasperated you feel. No matter what the world tells you; they are absolutely worthwhile and important for you to pursue.

All those crowds and bandwagons? Those outrageous courses and alleged "formulas for success?"

You don't have to follow them. You don't have to jump on the bandwagon. And real success doesn't have to come with a crazy price tag. (Which is why we created Dollar Boss Club. Hey-oh!)

Guess what? It's YOUR business.

That means you make the rules. And your business can absolutely be successful when you make and follow your own rules. In fact, we encourage that mold-breaking magic!

Those 18-hour workdays entrepreneurs sometimes boast about? Forget it.

You can grow and manage your business without sacrificing time that should be spent on more important things. Like listening to podcasts, hanging out with loved ones and petting kittens. (that one is my favorite, personally.)

So let's do this. Let's get this party started. We're about to rock your world and you are going to be the star of the show.

Meet the Founders

You ever meet that person that just gets you? That's how Erin and Kirsten felt when they first met online. With similar backgrounds and a deep love of belly laughs, they knew they were going to have a beautiful friendship. What they didn't realize is that chance Facebook message so long ago would lead to such incredible magic.

Kirsten and Erin joined forces in January of 2017, with Erin signing on to be a seasonal cohost of the podcast, Blog Fuel. It didn't take long for the two to realize that they were a match made in heaven and that one season wouldn't be enough. Which led to Kirsten proposing to Erin, asking her to be her forever co-host, and voila! The sparks started to fly.

But while they loved the podcast, they felt something was missing. They both knew that they wanted to help business owners around the globe to create lasting success and that both businesses were vital in making that happen.

And so Wit + Wisdom was born. A place where business owners can come to get education, strategy and mindset success coaching.



We are beyond grateful to have been nominated by our community and selected as one of the 100 Best Websites for Solopreneurs in 2018 on One Woman Shop! To be selected is an honor, but to do so in our first 4 months in business is HUGE! We love our community!



Meet Kirsten

Kirsten is a content strategist and SEO expert. She takes pride in breaking down overwhelming or complicated tasks into simple, easy-to-follow steps, helping business owners learn what they need to know and get back to creating great content. 

When she’s not talking “business”, she’s hanging out with her husband Mark, teenage daughter Marley, and her three furbabies, Savannah, Dakota, and Daisy Mae in their home in the Atlanta, GA ‘burbs. She loves tattoos, sunshine, great music, and of course, sweet tea!








Meet Erin

Erin Shebish is a certified success mindset coach for budding online business owners. She takes great pride in equipping ambitious women with the confidence and know how to reach their version of success. 

When she’s not working, you can often find her home with her husband and 3 sons in Lititz, PA. She loves reading, sweet tea and cats. Her husband and sons will confirm that she’s also a workaholic that sometimes talks in her sleep about making videos. But above all that, Erin is thankful to be saved by His endless grace every single day. Because Jesus is the way and the life, y'all!

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