101 Newsletter Content & Opt-In Offer Ideas

In case you haven't heard, I'm a bit of a newsletter nerd. I love email marketing so much I even wrote the book on it for bloggers & creative business owners! I know one of the biggest struggles is not necessarily whether or not to send emails (because you should and here are 5 reasons why), but with creating content for newsletters that will make them stand out. Have no fear! Kirsten is here! I brainstormed and came up with 101 Newsletter Content + Opt-In Offer Ideas.  

You know you need a newsletter for your blog, but you might be at a loss for words when it comes to creating content for your newsletters, you hit a wall. No worries! Here are 101 ideas to spark some creativity!
You know you need a newsletter for your blog, but you might be at a loss for words when it comes to creating content for your newsletters, you hit a wall. No worries! Here are 101 ideas to spark some creativity!

Have you invested any time into email marketing? Do you collect email addresses but maybe you're not sure what to do with them now that you have them?

Newsletters are often underestimated, but hold huge potential for bloggers to expand their reach, increase engagement, and foster a community. But you don't want a boring newsletter, or your subscribers won't stick around for too long. Provide something of value that will make your readers not only want to subscribe, but want to engage!

I've got something special for you today. If you can't find something of value to add to your newsletter after reading this list, I'll drink unsweet tea. Yes, I'm that serious about this. 


  • A letter to your readers
  • A peek behind the scenes
  • A photography/Instagram challenge
  • A peek at the week - your life in snapshots/Instagram
  • What we're Pinning - latest Pinterest finds
  • A few of my favorite things - products, services, blogs, etc.
  • Around the web this week - links to articles related to your niche
  • Interview other bloggers in your niche
  • Answer readers' questions/offer free advice
  • Favorite Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter accounts to follow
  • Weekly VIP - highlight one subscriber in each email


  • Exclusive craft tutorials
  • A craft-along - multi-step DIY project shared in steps & subscribers share progress
  • A craft fail
  • List of your favorite places to buy craft supplies
  • List of your must-have craft supplies
  • How to use different craft tools/techniques
  • Craft share - a reader's version of one of your craft projects
  • Craft challenge - you host it, subscribers enter & vote, get a small prize
  • Craft room tours - yours and other bloggers in your niche
  • Seasonal DIY gift guides


  • A healthy eating challenge
  • A recipe swap
  • Weekly/monthly meal plans
  • List of pantry staples
  • List of freezer staples
  • Exclusive recipes
  • Easy healthy lunch ideas
  • Basic cooking techniques - demonstrate one in each newsletter
  • Series of one recipe type - a month of breakfasts, a month of desserts, etc.
  • Seasonal family favorites


  • Workout tips
  • List of favorite places to buy workout gear/clothing
  • Weight loss challenge
  • Weekly workout
  • Favorite gear & how to use it
  • Fitness challenge
  • Workout music play list
  • Spotlight a reader's success story
  • Goal-setting workshop


  • Wedding day emergency kit
  • Resources for budget party supplies
  • Weekly themed party ideas
  • Weekly color palettes for weddings
  • Mini course about party planning on a budget
  • Spotlight on wedding planners in various geographic locations
  • Mini series about how to select wedding vendors
  • Mini course about designing party invitations on your computer
  • Gift guides - wedding, baby shower, Sweet 16, 40th birthday
  • Wedding menu ideas


  • List of basic decorating terms & their meanings
  • List of favorite places to buy home decor items
  • Mini series about decorating mistakes to avoid
  • Mini course about decorating topics - gallery walls, seating arrangements, etc.
  • Solve a design dilemma submitted by readers
  • Home/room tours of other bloggers in your niche
  • Mini series about different fabric types & their uses
  • Spotlight a reader's furniture makeover
  • Follow-along on a home renovation project leading up to the big reveal on the blog
  • Shop the look - share a room photo & resources to find comparable items


  • One room challenge - tackle one room each month
  • Weekly cleaning/organizing tasks
  • List of favorite household cleaners
  • "Recipes" for handmade cleaners
  • List of essentials for each room/area of the home
  • Organizing challenge
  • Solve an organizing dilemma submitted by readers
  • Lists of essentials for travel - diaper bag, road trip, weekend getaway
  • Weekly time management tips
  • Mini course about creating a cleaning routine that works


  • Follow-along Bible study
  • List of verses for various topics
  • Bible journaling supplies & how to use them
  • Weekly devotions for the family
  • Allow subscribers to share their testimony/faith story
  • Tips for setting up a prayer journal
  • Date ideas for dating your spouse
  • Parent/child "date night" ideas
  • Favorite Christian fiction books
  • Host a book club


  • Tips for making the most of nap time
  • Chore lists for each age group
  • Favorite healthy snacks for your kids
  • List of favorite books in each age range
  • Weekly outings for moms & kids on a budget
  • Baby/toddler/kid-approved recipes
  • Weekly family night ideas - games, movies, etc.
  • Ideas for a mommy time-out
  • Weekly countdown to getting ready for baby
  • Checklist of new baby essentials
  • List of what to take to the hospital for delivery


  • Checklist for what to include in a blog post
  • List of linky parties and/or blog post submission sites
  • Mini course on blog photography - tools, tips, & techniques for taking great blog photos
  • Interview other bloggers in your niche
  • Mini series on social media sharing - techniques & tips for each network
  • Mini series on branding for bloggers
  • Printable checklist for blog tax preparation
  • Mini series generating income through blogging
  • Exclusive community for like-minded bloggers - forum, Facebook group
  • Mini course about hosting in-real-life get-togethers for blog growth

*This post first appeared on Sweet Tea & Saving Grace on May 5, 2015.