5 Ick-Free Ways to Network

Okay. Be straight with me. How many times have you gotten a follow or like only the have the person comment with a “New like from so and so. Please like back.” How many times have you done it?

If you’re anything like I was when I first started out, you probably did it a time or two. Or ten. Ahem. But the truth is that is one of the worst ways to truly network. Sure, you’re sharing your business. But it’s such an obviously self promoting way to network that it often comes across as, well, icky.

You don’t want to be icky, right? Let’s talk about some ick-free ways to network and promote yourself!

5 Ick-Free Ways to Network - Networking is a HUGE part of growing your online business. And hello! It doesn't have to be full of icky practices!
5 Ick-Free Ways to Network - Networking is a HUGE part of growing your online business. And hello! It doesn't have to be full of icky practices!
  1. Follow people you are genuinely interested in engaging with!

And engage with them. Leave comments supporting them, letting them know that you enjoy what they’re posting. Eventually we business owners check out frequent commenters and like to return the love.

  1. Promote people and products you love. For free.

If I bought something from a small business or I’ve read a blog that I just love, you can bet your buttons it’ll probably show up on social media with a tag. Because I love sharing awesome things and because I want other people to have awesome things.

So how does sharing other peoples work help me?

Easy. Those people are more inclined to return the favor. AND you’ve most likely warmed their entrepreneurial heart. Can we say soon to be insta-besties?

3. Collaborate! 

Collaborating is one of the most fun things you can do with another person! If you find something that you love to follow and think working with them would be a blast, shoot them some ideas! I bet they’d love to collaborate. Join forces for something epic and not only will you be building an awesome relationship, but you’ll be getting their audience to see your stuff and vice versa.

You can go it alone online but friend, it’s going to be much much harder.

  1. Join groups on Facebook.

There are so many Facebook groups out there that are specifically for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers. I know what you’re thinking. My people! Yes. They are out there. Join some groups and say hello! Dive into conversations. You’ll be amazed at how many people will enjoy connecting and how many people will end up as close as “IRL” friends.

  1. Twitter chats, baby!

I feel like this is a lot like the AIM chats I used to have in high school. Except a thousand times better because none of them are agonizing over whether Brad from second period noticed that I was staring at him.

{No, not you, Brad. The other Brad. Jeez. It was 12 years ago. It’s over.}

Anyway, twitter chats are a great way to really chat with others and learn something since most of them are geared around business growth. Just a quick search for blogging twitter chats or handmade twitter chats will bring up a lot of result. I LOVE the Bloggers Get Social twitter chat that happens every Wednesday. Super fun and I’ve met lots of amazing people.

So see! You don’t have to tell people to follow you back. And you don’t want to either. Let the right people come to you with better networking.

Until next time, Have a Beautiful Day!!