5 Reasons You Need a Personality Profile as an Online Entrepreneur

Hi there. My names Erin and I'm an INFJ. I feel like everywhere I go on the internet lately, people are introducing themselves with that 4 letter acronym. I mean, it's not always INFJ... that's just what I am. But there's no doubt about it.

Personality profiling is definitely a thing.

Personally, I'm all for it. I think it's awesome. I'd blame that on my incessent need to learn and the fact that I'm a coach {in training!} but the simple truth is that personality profiling is good for business. For your business. Whether that business is a blog, a client based business or a handmade business.

So what exactly is a personality profile?

5 Reasons You Need a Personality Profile as an Online Entrepreneur
5 Reasons You Need a Personality Profile as an Online Entrepreneur

A personality profile is by definition "an evaluation of an employee's personal attributes, values and life skills in an effort to maximize his or her job performance and contribution to the company." But don't let that definition fool you. Personality profiling is nothing new. In fact, Plato himself describes four different temperaments {philosopher, guardian, artisan and scientist} for personalities. And, um, that was in 340 BC. Way before modern corporations, ya know?

Which means just one thing.

This whole personality profiling thing is kind of awesome. If it's stuck around successfully for all of these years, then it has to be, right?

You're waiting for me to say "Wrong." That's always what happens when someone finishes a sentence with "right?" But truth be told, it really is.

5 Reasons You Need a Personality Profile as an Online Entrepreneur
5 Reasons You Need a Personality Profile as an Online Entrepreneur

Now that I've made it completely clear where I stand on the personality profile thing, I can tell you why it's so awesome. Cause if you're anything like I was before I actually found out what my personality profile was, you're thinking 'Um, I know myself, mmmkaaay. I don't need a personality profile." Yes, Erin from the past definitely talks like that.

Personality profiles help identify strengths.

Chances are, you already have an idea of what you're good at. But with a personality profile, you're able to see very clearly whether or not you excel at something. For an entrepreneur, this means that you can learn how to work what your mama gave ya! If your an extrovert, then go with it! Use that extroverted personality to talk to the masses, befriend the world! If your strengths are more analytical and precise, use them to your advantage.

Even better, knowing your strengths allows you to continue growing and refining them! I know most people want to work on their weaknesses all the time but to that I say pish posh. It's important to refine the things you're good at so you can be totally epic at them!

Weaknesses can be identified.

Okay, on the other hand, we all have some weaknesses. While you might be able to say "Oh, I'm not always able to see the big picture," you may have absolutely no idea why. {ESTP personalties have this weakness! It's because that personality loves to live in the moment.!} So why is it important to identify weaknesses and their root? So you can fix it, of course!

Now, this doesn't necessary mean changing yourself. That can also mean asking someone else for help. For example, INFJs {my personality type} tends to burn out easily. I've done that my whole life. With school, with hobbies, with work. Everything. Until I had my personality profile, I felt like I was just a flake. Nope. It's just a quality INFJs have as a side effect of being private, perfectionists with a flair for not having a routine. Since I know that, I've been able to to ask my husband to check me on it. He can calm down my perfectionism a bit and encourage a routine that allows for self care.

Weakness issue averted!

Check out those blindspots.

This is a big one, my friend. Blindspots are those little quirks about you that you don't necessarily notice but others do. And sometimes those blindspots are... um... not awesome. For instance, someone may say "You can get kind of rude when talking about xyz." Chances are, you'll brush it off. But then a second person says it and you start questioning the validity of the claim. That's a blindspot. You didn't know you were rude when talking about xyz. But now that it's been brought to your attention, you can start dealing with it.

That is how knowing your personal blindspots will help you. Instead of just knee jerk reactions to situations, you'll be able to handle things consciously.

Helps you manage your energy levels.

Did you know being an introvert doesn't mean that you're shy? It just means that being around others takes a lot of your energy. Which is why you'll often see that group of ladies in the back of a room during a meeting/conference, looking slightly overwhelmed and tired. Those are my people. We love people but socializing can be exhausting. On the other hand, extroverts LOVE socializing and will be recharged by being around people.

Knowing this will help you better manage your energy. If you know meetings are going to wipe you out, you can plan on some relax time right after. If you're an extrovert and all that office time is making you weary, you can plan for a meet up with friends to recharge. Take charge of that energy, my friends!

Accept yourself, you amazing person, you!

This is the most important thing of all. Personality profiles can really bring about self acceptance. There are so many things that people find as flawed with themselves and the truth is that people are just people and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. That doesn't make it flawed! You wouldn't call a flower flawed because it can't hold a brick in the air. Why? Because it wasn't built for that. It was created for something else entirely.

The same goes for you.

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All right. So I've totally sold you on why a personality profile is important but where can you take it? There are tons of tests that you can take but I'm going to share with you my absolute favorite free resource.


This is a free site to take a free test. I found the results to be extremely accurate. Once you've taken the test, you can read up on your personality profile. Be prepared... every person that I've seen take this test has said something along the lines of "This is creepy, it sounds like someone's been watching me!"

Some tips before you take the test.

  • Take the test when you have about 15 minutes of quietish time. This isn't timed or graded but still. It's good to pay attention!
  • Answer honestly. Not the way you think you should. That means sometimes answering in ways that might feel embarrassing or uncomfortable. But hey! You're the only one that knows what you're answering! No judgement!
  • Stay away from neutral answers if you can. Neutrals make it harder to get accurate results.

So what do you think? Do you know your personality profile? Are you an INFJ, like me, or something else?

Until next time, have a beautiful day!