5 Ways to Get Unstuck from a Creative Block

It's inevitable. Those of us who are naturally creative will have moments of creative block. And when it happens, it sucks.

Our brains can only fire off those creative ideas for so long before it gives out, because, like our muscles, our brains get exhausted and need a break. Things going on in our lives can also play a part in these creative blocks, and no matter how hard you try, you just can't make magic happen.

So rather than pretending it's never going to happen, arm yourself with these 5 ways to get unstuck from a creative block.

Our brains get worn out and need a break, which leaves us in a creative block. Rather than waiting for it to happen, be prepared with these 5 ways to get unstuck and get those creative juices flowing again.
Our brains get worn out and need a break, which leaves us in a creative block. Rather than waiting for it to happen, be prepared with these 5 ways to get unstuck and get those creative juices flowing again.

We all have a dozen or more things on our to-do list every single day, and sometimes the things that typically bring us joy can start to feel like torture. You're not alone, I promise.

So how can we get out of these ruts and start creating again?


#1 - Acknowledge it as temporary.

When we're deep in a rut or creative block, it may feel like we've lost our mojo forever. You may begin to feel like you'll never have another idea for a blog post or DIY project or tasty recipe ever again and your blog career is over.

Stop being so dramatic! One of the best things you can do for yourself is acknowledge that you're in a rut and remind yourself that "this too shall pass".

And the best part is, creative blocks are typically followed by a flood of ideas, at least from my own personal experience.

#2 - Brain dump.

I love a good brain dump. Sometimes we get into creative blocks because we have so many things on our mind that nothing will come out productively.

Turn off your phone's notifications, close all tabs on your computer, then grab a pen and piece of paper, or open a blank document on your computer, and start writing or typing. I usually start by writing about how frustrated I am that I can't think of anything to write!

Some of my best ideas for blog posts or projects came from these epic brain dumps, while other times it's just nonsense on paper. Either way, it's therapeutic and helps rest the mind.

#3 - Plan a passion project.

Somewhere tucked away in your heart is that one project that you've always wanted to start. When a creative block happens, pull it out from the back of your heart and work on it!

Even if you never intend to make that passion project a reality, it's still fun to dream. But you might surprise yourself and find a new career path, monetization idea, blog post, collaboration, or something else awesome.

The last time I did this, I created the soon-to-be-launched Blog Fuel Podcast! It was just a tiny little seed planted a long time ago, and I'd work on it every now and then until one day, I had enough on paper to make it actually happen!

#4 - Do something completely unrelated.

Sometimes the best thing you can do when facing a creative block is to take your mind off things completely. Trying to write a blog post? Go cook something. Trying to create a fun DIY project? Read a book.

The key is not to force yourself to create when you aren't feeling creative. You'll only further frustrate yourself and risk producing less than stellar results, so take a break and walk away.

#5 - Take a coffee break with a friend.

Especially if you're a solopreneur or blogger working at home, you need to make a point of spending time in real life with other people who inspire and encourage you.

Working alone is great, and I love being my own boss, but I know I can't be on my own for too long without going crazy. Some of my closest friends, however, live in other states, so we schedule almost-weekly video hangouts to just chat about life, blogging, and business, brainstorm ideas and talk about the latest viral Facebook video.

Hook up with your real life friends face to face, whether it's an online video chat or in person. It's good for the soul and will revive your creativity.

What are your methods to cope with a creative block?