Ep. 062: How to Avoid Goal Overwhelm

January is when everyone and their mom sets big goals and vows "THIS will be MY YEAR to do ALL THE THINGS!" But let's be honest - how good are you at actually accomplishing those goals? In this week's episode, we dive into the goal overwhelm that usually happens around February, leaving goals unaccomplished and dreams unfulfilled.

Too many people leave goals on the table at the end of the year, either convincing themselves they weren't worth working towards, or they'll work on them next year. Don't be that person!!

Make 2018 the year you ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS! We know it can feel overwhelming to create new habits, work on those big, scary dreams, and actually succeed (or fail!). 

#1 - Don't set too many goals.

Part of the overwhelm is the big, blank page that you think needs to be packed completely full of goals. Limiting your goals to only a few real, purposeful, intentional goals will help you stay focused throughout the year, and make real progress.

#2 - Don't confuse tasks with goals.

A to-do list is not a list of goals, my friend! I mean, who sets a goal to go to the grocery store or do a load of laundry? 

If you have a hard time distinguishing tasks from goals, do a big brain dump with all the things you need to do and want to do. Then figure out how you can group certain tasks together to assign to a goal. For example, you might want to start exercising 3 days each week, drink more water, and eat healthier. Those are tasks that can all fall under the goal of creating a healthier lifestyle.

#3 - Make sure your goals are YOUR goals.

We are definitely influenced by the people we see online and we admire what they do and what they've accomplished. It may make you feel like you need to mimic what they did and create projects similar to theirs in order to achieve that level of success.

However, if you are working towards a goal that ultimately is not your own, you'll burn out, fail, and possibly give up on your version of success!

#4 - Set realistic deadlines.

Lara Casey says it best: "There's nothing magical about January 1st." Just as you don't have to START working on goals on January 1st, you don't have to achieve your goals in January. In fact, you shouldn't try to work on all of your goals at the same time. Gradually make changes to your lifestyle so you can create healthy habits.

#5 - Create White Space

If you're frustrated that you can't make time for all the new things you're trying to introduce, it's probably because you haven't taken anything off your plate! White space is crucial to your mental state, so don't try to add quiet time and exercise and fifteen other things to your calendar unless you can take other things off your schedule.

Take time to remember how far you've come and celebrate every little success!


Goal setting should not be taken lightly. Here at W+W, we love to talk about goal-setting, but mostly we love goal-GETTING. Don't feel overwhelmed by your goals. Instead, use these realistic tips to achieve great success with your big picture goals!