Ep. 063: All the Algorithm Changes

People lose their minds when they hear "algorithm changes" regarding Pinterest and social media. We want to help you de-stress and learn what an algorithm change actually means and why those changes happen. 

  • Algorithm changes happen DAILY on all the platforms based on user experience
  • Remember, these platforms are BUSINESSES, so they will do whatever they need to do to keep their users happy.
  • Don't build your business on a social media platform, because time there is a significant algorithm change, you have to start over with your engagement "hacks".
  • Pinterest introduced their Smart Feed a while back and people lost it. However, it's become a good thing. It's better for their users, and Pinterest is encouraging people to pin natively rather than using a scheduling tool.
  • Facebook and Instagram are SOCIAL platforms, and they want you engaging, not just dropping links to your latest post or offer.
  • Algorithm changes allow you to experiment to determine what types of posts your audience best responds to (like video!)
  • Instagram loves Instagram Stories and Instagram Live and will show preferential treatment to accounts that utilize these tools (video, y'all!)
  • Instagram wants you to engage more than you post because it's a SOCIAL platform! They will most likely give preferential treatment to accounts who engage more often with other accounts.
  • REMEMBER: As online business owners, we forget that there are tons of people who use social media for fun, and they are the majority. Facebook and Instagram are catering to THEM, not you.

Links to things we mentioned:

Algorithm changes happen all the time on social media and Pinterest. You don't have to lose your mind! Here is what you need to know as a business owner!