Ep. 067: PR For Small Business

Moni Jefferson has built a successful PR business focusing on PR for small business owners while also being a military spouse, community builder, and app creator. PR, or public relations, is one aspect of marketing that many small business owners don't understand or may not think they need. Moni explains what it means and how to get started without the stress!

What is PR?

Basically, it's brand trust and recognition. Traditional PR included purchasing ad space and writing press releases, but that's no longer the case.

We're already do our own PR by engaging on social media and talking to our audience. While these are great tactics, we're usually missing the strategy behind it.

How do you do PR strategically?

Visibility: If you're selling a product or service, you have to be visible online. This does NOT mean you have to be on every social media platform.

Tell your brand story: Don't do straight advertising; share the person behind the brand. Be authentic and honest instead of trying to portray "perfection".

Don't focus on the numbers: Nurture your existing audience and it will organically grow. Show up for them.

How do you get started with PR?

  • Outline what your overall business goal is for the next 6 months.
  • Creative an objective for your overall brand - your "why".
  • Define the strategies you're going to use to reach your objective. This could be anything from working with influencers to launching a podcast or writing regular blog posts.
  • Create a content calendar and schedule your content to consistently be working towards your objective.
  • Outline your offerings, for example, do you want to be a guest on a podcast, a contributor on a blog, a speaker in a summit, etc. Know what you are willing to do and what topics you're willing to discuss.

About Moni:

Moni Jefferson is a PR strategist, serial entrepreneur, and proud military spouse. She is the founder of The MilSpouse Creative an online community for MilSpouse creative entrepreneurs + creator of the MilCam App + MilEmoji App, both the first and only military lifestyle apps.

As the owner of DTH Public Relations, a virtual PR agency she started almost 3 years ago. The agency specializes in creating public relations strategies, social media visibility, pitching or launching products/services. She is passionate about collaborating with clients to build their brand while reaching their key publics + streamlining their vision to generate results + exceed their goals. 

Moni has a  B.A. in Communications & Public Relations from the University of North Carolina At Pembroke and member of Lambda Theta Alpha. She is a proud Air Force spouse who is 19 years married to her best friend Roy & has 3 brilliant children that keep her on her toes! Moni is a fiery Latina, huge life lover, spin addict and gets is all done with coffee + wine + a few colorful words.


PR isn't what it used to be - ad placement and copy for press releases. In fact, you're probably already doing PR tactics for your business. What's missing is the strategy, and that's where Moni Jefferson comes in!
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