Ep. 074: The Importance of Knowing What You Know

We are inspired by the train wreck that is the Facebook lawsuit going on right now. The Senators asking questions are completely clueless as to how Facebook, and the internet in general, works, so we decided to talk about how important it is know what you're talking about before you open your mouth. 

  • Be wary of crowdsourcing for business advice. For example, when determining what business structure to set up, consult a professional (attorney, CPA, etc.)
  • When someone tells you what they did for their business, that doesn't mean that's what you should do for your business. 
  • Check your source. If someone is speaking "facts", make sure they have resources to back it up. Someone who read a couple of blog posts on a subject is not an "expert".

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Whether you are the one sharing something online, or you're listening to others stating things as "fact", it's important to know what you know. Do your research, speak to true experts, and do what's best for your business, not just what everyone else is doing.
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