Ep. 075: Spring Cleaning Your Business

Grab your Febreze and Swiffer! It's time to spring clean your business! We don't like to wait until year-end to do some housekeeping. If you do it seasonally, it's a lot easier to keep an eye on your business and make things run smoothly all year long!


  • Every quarter, reassess your expenses. 
  • Reconcile your accounts and make sure you balance.
  • Cancel platforms you no longer use.
  • Downgrade plans that offer various options that might serve your business just as well. 
  • Set aside/pay at least 30% of your income for quarterly taxes.


  • Unfollow people on social media, or leave groups that no longer serve you.
  • Get rid of follow/unfollow apps.
  • Clean your email list, removing people who no longer engage with your emails.
  • Clean your own inbox! Unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer enjoy, and delete old emails just hanging out in your inbox.

RESOURCE: How to Spend Less Than 10 Minutes a Day in Your Inbox


  • Organize your regularly used graphics and files into folders.
  • Back up your files. Google Drive is a great backup but organize that with folders as well.
  • Empty your download folder and trash folder.


  • Evaluate your annual goals to see if you're still on track, or if you need to change your goals.
  • Remember, changing goals is a sign of growth, not failure.


  • There's always something about your workflows, systems, and processes that you want to tweak every time you go through them. Take the time to update them.
  • Have a friend go through your workflow and take notes, then make edits.


  • Take a look at the home page of your blog and make sure it's serving your business and converting traffic.
  • As your goals and focus areas shift, you should be updating your home page so you are directing people to the most important parts of your business.
Grab your Febreze and Swiffer - it's time to spring clean your business! These tips will work great for quarterly business maintenance and clean-up, from cleaning your inbox and social media, to business finances.
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