Ep. 076: Traveling for Business

We recorded a podcast episode during my (Kirsten's) recent visit to PA, where Erin lives, because as partners in two different states, we have to travel from time to time to get work done. We thought this was an ideal time to pop on and talk about traveling for business!


*Please consult your CPA for specifics related to your business. We are not tax professionals, only professional business travelers using information given to us by our CPA.

  • Your hotel or rental property is definitely a business expense
  • Flights and gas, as well as rental car expenses
  • Mileage: track your mileage and keep it for your CPA
  • Meals: you must talk about your business and you can write off 30% of your meal expense


Start by considering the goals for your business trip. Don't be afraid to seek out rental properties over hotels, ask for more photos than what you see online, and contact the host to make sure things will work for your needs.

If you are renting a home or apartment, be sure to disclose your your intentions to the owner and ask for permission, particularly if you plan to record video.

PACKING: You don't need to pack your entire office when you travel. Again, consider your intentions for the trip and pack what is absolutely necessary for your trip. 

If you're traveling with other people, try to divide and conquer - rather than everyone bringing everything, designate specific people to bring specific items needed for the trip.

CHOOSING LOCATION: Before booking, look up your accommodations on Google Maps to determine where other things are in the area - restaurants, coworking spaces, etc.

OUTLINE YOUR AGENDA: When going on a work-cation, create at least a loose outline of what you want to accomplish and try to designate specific tasks for specific days of your trip. 

Build in time to enjoy your trip, too. It is a work-cation, after all!