Ep. 081: Purposeful Facebook Groups

Is a Facebook group right for your business? Well, yes and no. It depends on what your purpose is. Let's talk about what makes Facebook groups so great and how you can create an engaging group of like-minded people.

Should you start a Facebook group? 

Yes and no. If you have a specific purpose for your group, then yes. If you just hate Facebook Pages and want to try to foster engagement on your posts, then no.

Why should you start a Facebook group?

Community Building: If your community can rally around what you do, or come together over a like-minded topic, a Facebook group can foster engagement around those things.

Common Thread: Groups don't have to be specifically related to your business or blog topic. It can simply be a group where people can come together to say "hey, me too!" over a common thread, something they all love.

Facebook Groups Are Not About You

Facebook groups are like parties filled with strangers. As a group host, you have to facilitate the conversation and introduce people.

Give people a reason to participate in your group because your group is not the only place your community members hang out online.

Facebook Live is a great way to foster engagement, (CLICK HERE FOR FACEBOOK LIVE 101)

Engaging on social media is more than just posting in your group. You need to comment on other people's posts and chat with them regularly to create a comfortable environment.

Create rules and enforce them to foster a healthier group environment. Share your rules in multiple places - a welcome post, greet new members and remind them, and in the description of the group.

How Do You Grow Your Facebook Group?

You have to share it, but DO NOT just add people to your group 'willy-nilly'. Post it on your personal Facebook profile, for starters.

Invite people who join your email list and add a link to your email template so it's in every email you send. 

Put your Facebook Page to work: use the 'Community' tab to link to your group. Create a graphic for your page and mention your group, and link to your group in the description as well as using the call-to-action button.

Not sure if a Facebook group is right for you? We're talking about when to start a group and how to make it super engaging and fun for you and your members!