Ep. 101: Getting Your *Ish Together

Whether you're overwhelmed by an ever-expanding to-do list or a wealth of ideas with no idea where to start, you're in the right place! We're diving into all of it, talking about admin days, prioritizing, and choosing which projects to pursue!


If you’re facing overwhelm with all the things you need to do, first, stop and take a deep breath.

Then, just start. Pick one thing and just start working on it. There isn’t a wrong answer.

Brain dump all the things that you feel you need to do - literally everything in your head, then walk away from it for an hour or so, then go through it sternly.

  • cross out the things that truly aren’t important

  • delegate what can be delegated and let go of control

  • prioritize what’s left and get to work

The reality is, as a business owner, you are in control of your deadlines, so if you need to reset them, you can. Just don’t use that as an excuse for laziness.

Create a regularly occurring admin day and do all those tedious things taking up space in your head.

When new things come up, you’ll know that they’ll get taken care of on your next admin day.

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