Ep. 103: Habits That Make Business Easier

The end of the year is an opportune time to assess your processes and workflows and determine where you can make changes for the better. Start the new year off with positive habits to make your business easier to manage.

#1 - Keep a calendar/planner and USE IT

  • Don’t count on your brain to remember everything that you need to be working on.

  • Set aside a weekly prep day, gather all of your notes and put everything in one place.

  • Reference it each morning, and when things pop up to know what your availability looks like as the week goes on.

TIP: Avoid scheduling same-day tasks. For example, if someone reaches out to try to schedule an appointment today, try to schedule it for later so you can stay on task with what you already have planned.


#2 - Keep an organized inbox.

  • Don’t live out of your inbox all day long. Check it at designated times throughout the day and then close that tab.

  • Deal with the emails then move on - file them, respond, or delete, then get back to your day.

  • Keep responses short and to the point. Don’t feel the need to explain yourself unnecessarily. And don’t feel the need to respond to every email, either.

  • Create canned emails for responses that you are sending regularly.

  • Set up integrations to help simplify requests, like sending a scheduling link for client calls.

REFERENCE: How to Manage Your Inbox in 10 Minutes A Day with Jordan Gill

#3 - Create office hours and honor them.

  • Put your office hours on your website and in your email signature

  • Don’t respond to people outside of office hours.

  • Use your email signature to let people know your average response time

#4 - Have well-established workflows for everything.

  • Don’t be afraid to print them out and use them as checklists every single time

  • Documented processes take the guess work out of what you do.

#5 - Batch your content and your work.

  • Create graphics for multiple pieces of content in one sitting

  • Create multiple pieces of content in one sitting

  • Edit in batches

#6 - Keep important information in one place that is easy to reference.

The Spreadsheet Shop has spreadsheet templates that you can use to organize everything for your business and blog.

Blogger’s Best Friend: multiple lists in one spreadsheet

REFERENCE: Episode 101 and Admin Days

#7 - Review the tools you use and trim the fat

  • Whether it’s quarterly or annually, take a look at the things you’re paying for and get rid of the things that no longer serve you.

#8 - Have a bedtime and wake-up time and stick to it.

  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day to train your body

  • You’ll be better rested and refreshed so you can focus on your work

BONUS: Create a morning routine that helps you ease into your job, rather than jumping from bed to desk. For example, eat breakfast, read, have quiet time, etc. before starting your work.

BIG TAKEAWAY: Set boundaries and stick to them.

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