Ep. 104: Healthy Social Media Habits

This episode ties in with last week’s episode where we discuss habits that make business easier. Social media habits deserver their own episode, so here we are, and there you go.

Social media has been proven to be detrimental to your health, but as business owners, we kinda need to participate in social media. We want to talk about how to do it in a way that is both healthy and authentic.

Debunk the social media image:

- Think about the things you do in order to get the “perfect” photo, and remember that other people posting on social media are doing the same thing.

- Stylized lifestyle photos are meant to inspire “FOMO” - fear of missing out - and is a marketing strategy.

Beware of accounts that only post the stylized stuff and never share anything real and raw.

Unfollow accounts that make you feel gross. They’ll be there when you’re ready to come back, if ever, but you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself every time you hop on social media.

Stop the mindless scroll. Do what you need to do and get back to work.

Make sure you keep the “social” in social media and talk to people. Leave genuine comments, reply to Instagram Stories, and use social media to network with other people.

Don’t use autoresponders on Instagram, and stop obsessing with numbers because they genuinely don’t matter.

If you are genuine online, you don’t have to freak out every time the algorithm changes.

Turn off notifications.

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