Ep. 095: Allowing Goals to Evolve

Here’s the problem: sometimes we let our goals go and we feel guilty about it, but the truth is, it’s OK to let our goals go when we outgrow them.

Allowing Goals to Evolve

Our goals grow and evolve as we go through different seasons in our lives. When our kids are little, we focus more on goals that benefit them as much as they benefit us. When they become more independent, we’re able to set goals that are more self-satisfying.

Most of us don’t even realize what’s possible so we don’t realize how big we can go with our goals.

Too often we are fed what our end goal SHOULD look like. But our goals are not the same as other people’s goals. And we shouldn’t define our success based on whether or not we are achieving someone else’s goals. 

Our end goals don’t always have to be monumental and huge. That’s the beauty of YOUR goals - they are yours and they can be whatever you want them to be!

Your end goal will become more focused on the legacy you want to leave behind. The daily tasks don’t matter as much as the heart behind them.