Ep. 096: Knowing When to Pivot

Channel your inner Ross from Friends, grab your huge sofa and a couple of friends, because it’s time to PIVOT! How do you know when it’s time to pivot in your business? This week’s episode talks all about it!


Whether you’re bored with your current offerings, finding passion in other areas, or just need to try something fresh, let’s talk about how and when to pivot.

When you decide to pivot, just know there will be growing pains. Don’t change the course of your business for the sake of a pivot.

Why you shouldn’t pivot:

  • money: don’t try a different business model based on other people’s success

  • to gain acceptance: do’t try to fit a mold that isn’t meant for you

  • because what you’re doing isn’t working fast enough for your liking: it takes time to grow, and most of the time you haven’t given yourself time to grow

  • because you get burned out with what you’re currently doing: determine what your pain points are and if you can fix those things rather than shifting your entire business

If you’re willing to suffer for something awhile, and do hard things in order to do something you love for a living, then do that - follow your pain.

Sometimes you pivot because you absolutely have to - maybe for health reasons, family issues, etc.

If you are truly meant to pivot, things will start to happen that are giving you signs that you are meant to move into a new direction.