Ep. 097: Standing Out (But Not Like a Sore Thumb)

Here’s a fun exercise to kick off this episode: head over to Instagram and search a specific hashtag in your industry. Do all of the posts look the same?

And listen to the end because we have a personal challenge for you!

Our point to that exercise? The market itself isn’t oversaturated. People are just all doing the same things yet wonder why they aren’t getting noticed.

It’s totally fine to be inspired by what you see online, but make it your own by incorporating your personality.

It might seem a bit scary to show your true colors online for fear that you might turn people off, but the truth is, the people you turn off aren’t your people. It’s true what they say: Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Be comfortable letting people hate you!

Think about the things that people identify with you - like Kirsten and Buddy the Elf - and inject those things into your brand presence.

Be yourself unapologetically and be tolerant of others who are different from you.

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