Ep. 099: Do Service-Based Businesses Need a Blog?

This is the time of year when we start hearing people talk about if blogging is “dead”. With the rise of video and audio content, is blogging really necessary? We say a resounding YES, and we’ll be happy to tell you why.

Gone are the days when blog posts need to exclusively be traditional blog posts with hundreds of words and pictures and headings. Here on Wit + Wisdom, our blog posts are the show notes of our podcasts with the audio embedded.

Here’s the thing: Google can’t listen to podcasts or watch video. You have to give search bots something to READ and do it consistently.

  • You can have captions on your video that Google can read + the video description, and when you embed that into a blog post with written words, this greatly improves your SEO.

  • You are serving your audience by giving them a way to reference your content in an easily navigable way, which means a well-organized blog.

  • Service-based business owners often fear that they are giving away all of their knowledge for free and this may hurt their business. However, blog posts are broad overviews of the things you know, whereas the work you do with a client is a personalized experience that they are paying for.

  • Sharing your knowledge helps people realize how much you know and helps people trust you.

  • Repurpose your content - add your videos to your blog posts, break them down into smaller videos to use on social media, etc.

Kirsten Thompson