Ep. 048: Transparency With Your Community

Kirsten recently sent out an incredibly vulnerable email to her email list, and was amazed at the responses, the majority of which were something along the lines of, "OMG Me TOO!!". So, is transparency in business okay? Let's discuss.

There is so much pressure in the online business world, particularly among women, to be polished, professional, and put together. It's what's expected. However, when one person decides to be completely transparent, sharing her struggles with jealousy and comparison, it's celebrated!

The bottom line is, these feelings are normal, but too many of us feel ashamed when we feel that way, and we feel like we are struggling alone. It's the same with celebrating our successes - we hold back from patting ourselves on the back because we don't want to come across as arrogant or proud.

The feeling of comparison is real. Jealousy is real. And pride in your work is real. And all of those feelings are perfectly okay to vocalize. It's time to make transparency the norm, not the exception.

Transparency in business should be the norm, not the exception. The pressure among women in the online business world is overwhelming - we feel ashamed when we feel jealous, or compare ourselves to others, and we struggle alone. Transparency breeds authenticity, and authenticity breeds trust.