Ep. 051: Starting Your Blog or Biz from Zero

Whether just getting started with a new blog or online business, or launching a product or service, there's a fear of launching from zero - starting at the beginning, having an audience of none. It happens to everyone, so how do you overcome it? Let's chat.

When you are first starting out online, you're inevitably going to have an audience of zero, or maybe one if your mom is a fan. It can feel very defeating, and often pointless, to create content for a zero fanbase, but it's important to just DO IT.

  • Email your subscribers, even if there are only a few.
  • Write blog posts and publish your blog with only one post.
  • Share content on social media even if no one engages at first.

Act as if...

Act as if you are a professional. Act as if you have 10,000 people just waiting for your next post or email. Act as if you have been doing this for years. Here's why:

  • You have to learn from your mistakes, so it's better to make those mistakes when essentially no one is watching.
  • You can't get better at [insert whatever you do here] unless you do it often, so do it often, even if no one is reading it.
  • You need to discover your unique value proposition, the thing that only you have that makes you stand out among a sea of same-ness. This takes time and practice.

Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle. Erin and Kirsten have been blogging for a combined 17+ years. Here's what our blogs looked like in the beginning: Erin's Sugar Crumbs and Kirsten's KThompsonStudios.

Now what happens when you're ready to launch a product or service and you work and work to make it amazing, then when you launch, you hear nothing but crickets.

It happens. In fact, it happened very recently to a pretty well-known online entrepreneur. There are several reasons why this might happen:

  • You didn't do market research first. You simply went off of a gut feeling and jumped in with both feet, creating something your target audience doesn't really want or need.
  • You didn't promote it enough. Yes it's difficult to sell without being sales-y, but you are doing your audience a disservice by keeping valuable information from them, and your product or service is valuable information. It's not up to you to decide if they should buy it or not. It's your job to share it and they can then decide if they want it or not.
  • You launched without an audience. If you're still in the very early stages of your business, you are going to be hard-pressed to launch a product or service without any kind of audience, no matter how great it is.

Bottom line: just because you launch to crickets doesn't mean you suck or you should quit. It just means you need to evaluate and assess then start fresh!

Whether just starting a new blog or online business, or launching your product or service and getting nothing but crickets, it's better to just start than keep the fear of failure from holding you back.