Ep. 053: Overcoming Fear in Business

Everyone is afraid of something, and while it's perfectly fine to be afraid of clowns (like Kirsten) or E.T. (like Erin), fear in your business can hold you back from moving forward, reaching your goals, and growing your business! We want to help you overcome the fears in your business and make big things happen!

We're all afraid of something, right? 

Hopefully not ham sandwiches.

As business owners, we might be afraid of failure, starting, or even success.

Bottom line: DO THE THING.

Ultimately, if you fail at something...so what? There's something very enlightening about failure, and coming back from it, especially when you finally succeed. Don't stop at failure - ask why you failed, fix it, and move ahead until you succeed, and prove to yourself that you can do the big, scary thing.

Always ask "why" - even when you succeed.

The fear of competition is real, and many people fail to start because of the "why bother" mindset. Even if you do the same thing as someone else, you will deliver it differently because you are different! You are doing your potential audience a disservice by keeping your gifts from them!

Business can be scary. We have the fear of failure, the fear of starting, and the fear of success. It's time to overcome those fears and make big things happen.