Ep. 093: Running a Business When Life is Hard

While we don't often like to talk about it, there are things that happen in our lives that can be devastating or make us think twice about running our businesses. When things go bad, it's important to know how to deal with both life and business. In this week's episode, we're talking about Running a Business When Life is Hard.

Running a Business When Life is Hard

1. Own Your Feelings

You're not alone in your feelings, and your emotions are real and raw. Take time to embrace your emotions, acknowledge them, and give yourself permission to have feelings. Just don't sit in that space for too long.

"There is no hierarchy of grief." - Erin

2. Intentionally Move Forward

Make sure you are continuing to take care of yourself, like eating and sleeping. Lean on your support system - people who can understand you, the business owner. Ask them for help and encouragement as you make intentional steps to move out of your negative space.

3. Don't Feel Guilty About Being "Normal"

When Kirsten lost her dad at age 19, she had 2 months before going back to start another semester in college. Initially, she felt guilty about getting back to a routine, and even laughing with her friends. 

You'll find a new normal, and it's not only acceptable, it's good! Moving on is part of healing.

4. Don't Give In To Feelings of Self-Sabotage

When you're in the trenches of grief, pain, anxiety, or depression, you might feel like throwing in the towel on your business. It's important not to take any rash actions when you're feeling this way. 

You started your business because you love what you do, and while hard times in life might make you lose sight of that, you'll eventually remember it again. If you sabotage your business, you'll regret it when you're starting to feel better.

5. Don't Use Work as a Distraction

In the same vain, don't cover up your feelings with your work. You have to have a healthy balance, especially when you are dealing with something difficult. Delegate what you can, take things off your plate, and only work when you really feel like it.

6. Be the Boss

Being the boss is hard, because you have to act like one even when you don't feel like it. However, being the boss also means you decide what stays and what goes. If you need time to handle something, take the time. Be the boss. Just remember to communicate as necessary with your clients and audience. 

{Listen to Episode 092 for more information about taking breaks.}

7. Share Your Story

Whether it's mental health issues like anxiety or depression, recurring illness like diabetes or autoimmune disorders, or the loss of a loved one, these things make up part of your story. When you are ready, and if you're comfortable, share your story. You'll be the voice of strength and encouragement to many others.

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