6 Places for Fabulous {and legal} Stock Photos

6 Places for Fabulous {and legal} Stock Photos - Having beautiful photos can be done legally and totally free!
6 Places for Fabulous {and legal} Stock Photos - Having beautiful photos can be done legally and totally free!

When you're working online, you know that one of the keys to success is to provide excellent visuals. The internet is all about appealing to someones eye! But truthfully, who has time to take a million photos of a million different things just to provide the perfect backdrop to a feature image or a social media photo?

Not I!

Unfortunately, many people resort to a tactic that can but your entire business on the line. They google and image, right click and save as. I mean, it's a simple solution, right?


While it will allegedly serve it's purpose, it can also land you in a world of trouble thanks to image copyright laws.

Copyright laws are put in place to protect the original works of authorship. This includes art, music, written works, etc. And yes, photos. A copyright comes into effect as soon as something is created, whether published or not. In the case of photos, that means as soon as the shutter button clicks, it's under copyright.

Meaning unless the creator has given express permission for it to be used, you cannot use it. By doing so without permission, you're risking some icky situations. Such as getting sued. And no one wants that.

And so you know, you're legally committing and liable for copyright infringement regardless of

  • your knowledge of the law.
  • whether or not you edited it.
  • crediting the creator.
  • your intention to make a profit on your site.
  • if it's embedded instead of saved to your site.
  • if your web developer gave it to you {you need rights to it yourself!}
  • you take it down after receiving a DMCA Take Down Notice.
  • You found it on Facebook or Pinterest or anywhere else on the internet.
  • Other bloggers or business owners are using it.

So what do you do to keep your butt covered?

  1. If you've been using photos from the internet and aren't sure if they're approved for people to use, delete them. Right now. Stop reading this instant and delete them. It's not worth the trouble. Then come back here.
  2. Make sure you're using images that approved for use under the Creative Commons License.
  3. Assume it's copyright protect if you don't know.
  4. Tell everyone else you know that is working online. Knowledge is power!

You can also take your own photos but like I said. We don't always have time for that. And I can tell you, I love stock photos but I don't want to get sued so I use a list of sites that I know I can get images from legally and that are always top notch quality.

And because I love you and I want you to succeed {legally!} I'm going to share my favorites with you!

  1. StockSnap
  2. Pixaby
  3. PicJumbo
  4. Unsplash
  5. Foodies Feed
  6. Startup Stock Photos

Did you know there was more to using photos than just clicking and saving? Where do you get stock photos?

Until next time, Have a Beautiful Day!