Getting Started with Email Marketing : The Basics

There are few things as powerful for your business as email marketing. Yet so many business owners are hesitant to get started with it! But here’s the thing. Your email list is going to have more impact on your business than social media, your website or anything else. Why? Because it’s a direct invitation from warm leads to connect further. And truth be told, it’s just too easy to pass up on!

So let’s get started… this week, we’re talking all about the basics of getting your email list up and running! Be sure to watch the video or keep scrolling for the quick and dirty.

  1. Pick a Provider!
    1. You can’t just bulk email everyone from Gmail!
    2. Many services available; should be affordable / offer mobile-friendly / autoresponders, etc
    3. MailChimp is a great start, ConvertKit is what I recommend for business owners wanting to kill it.
    4. Create an Opt-In!
      1. This is what you’re going to offer in exchange for email addresses
      2. This can be as simple as a discount on a product or as elaborate as a workbook or free ecourse!
      3. The most important thing is to provide value!
      4. Set Up AutoResponder
        1. This will be how your opt-in offer gets delivered.
        2. You don’t want to have to manually do this as it’s time-consuming.
        3. If you don’t have an opt-in offer, you can simply set up an email to welcome the new subscriber to the list!
        4. Create an Opt-In Form
          1. This process will vary platform to platform but all in all, it’s an easy process.
          2. This is how people will actually sign up for your list
          3. You want to have that opt-in form embedded on sidebars, under blog posts, etc
          4. Create an Email Schedule
            1. Consistency is key!
            2. Come up with a schedule to email your people.
            3. Can be once a week, once a month, whatever you want to do
            4. Then stick with it!

And that's it! The first five steps. See, not so scary at all!

So do me a favor. Leave me a comment and let me know what you're struggling with in regards to email!

Until next time!

Are you struggling with getting started in email marketing? Friend, it's time to drop the struggle and make email marketing a priority. Today, we're going to break it down into a few simple steps!