Why You Need to Have a 6 Month Goal Review {+ free worksheets}

Oh Happy Day! It's June 1st!

June is one of my favorite months of all time. The hot days, the cool drinks, family get togethers and, oh yeah, goal review time!

C'mon now! You didn't think I was going to ramble today about bbq cookouts and fireflies, did you?

{I'll admit, I was tempted.}

Why You Need to Have a 6 Month Goal Review {plus free printable worksheets!}
Why You Need to Have a 6 Month Goal Review {plus free printable worksheets!}

But the truth is that June is a big deal for both your business and personal life if you're a goal setter. And friend, you totally should be!

Why is June a big deal?

June marks the halfway point of the year. Which is pretty awesome for those of us that did some goal setting back in January. We're 6 months into 2016 and that means we should be working steadily to achieve our goals.

So how can we make sure to make the most of our goal review? Easy peasy!

Set aside some time to revisit your goals. {AKA Goal Review.}

This is probably the hardest part of the whole process. I mean, it's summer time. There's so much fun to be had! And if you're a mama like me... well, the kids are home. But I promise you. An hour {or two} will be so worth it.

Sneak away, light some candles, do whatever you need to do to really get yourself focused on dream setting and goal getting.

And then take a look at the goals you set at the beginning of the year.

  • Have you achieved any of them?
  • Are your goals in progress?
  • What are some set backs you're having?
  • What can you do to get back on track if you're not?
  • Are you still personally aligned with those goals?

Be sure to really think on these things!

If you still have goals in progress, make sure to take some time to really come up with a game plan to complete them!

 Create new goals.

Now that you know where you stand with your goals, you can set new ones. This is especially great if you've recently shifted gears in your life or you've found that you previous goals aren't in full alignment with where you're going anymore.

Since you still have 6 months left during the year, you'll have ample amounts of time to really work towards achieving any new goals before it comes time to set goals for 2017.

2017. Seriously. I can't even talk about that.

When setting goals, make sure they're realistic.

Want a quick way to discourage yourself while you're working on your goals? Come up with something that is totally outlandish to accomplish.

In other words, you goals should never include things like...

  • gaining a million followers within 30 days. {unless you're at 999,832. Then by all means, make that goal, you radical person!}
  • losing 40 pounds in two week. Please please please do not set goals for yourself like this. Not only is it completely not feasible, but goals like this lead to very unhealthy lifestyles.
  • Becoming Beyonce's back up dancer. I mean, unless you guys are friends. And in that case, can you tell her I said Hi! I mean, she won't know who I am but seriously... how cool would that be?

Instead of setting goals like that, set goals that are realistically achievable.  Some great examples are...

  • drinking 8 glasses of water a day.
  • gaining 100 new fans a month.
  • releasing a new product line.
  • incorporating more yoga and meditation into your routine.

Those are all healthy, achievable and great goals to work with!

Be specific!

Don't derail yourself unintentionally. Be as specific as possible when you're setting goals. Figure out exactly what you want to do, how you want to accomplish it, what your timeline is, etc.

By being specific, you eliminate a lot of the "coulda shoulda woulda" scenarios that can come about when you have a goal that is as simple as "be more active" or "grow my email list."

Instead of being general and vague like that, be more descriptive. Say "I will incorporate 30 minutes of additional exercise into my routine 3 times a week." Or "I will reach 1000 subscribers on my email list by offered X amount of opt in incentives."

Which leads us to...

Break it down.

This is by far my favorite step of all. This is when you'll take your goals and break them up into little actionable steps to make the whole process more approachable.

Tell me. How many times have you jumped into a goal head first only to get overwhelmed, burnt out and then you just never actually go back to it?

You've seen that group of people at the gym in January, right? {I've totally been that person in the gym!}

You can avoid that easily by not allowing yourself to wander aimlessly through your goal getting journey. By breaking up your goals into step by step plans, you can work on a step at a time, take breaks when needs and tweak your goals as you grow.

But remember, goals are guidelines.

If something happens that you don't make all of your goals, don't get down on yourself! That's the brilliant thing about goals, they're completely recyclable. If you don't reach a goal and you still want to try again, go for it! You'll have the experience to help your push harder to reach it.

Okay. I have one more tip for you.

Make your goal review time even easier by downloading my completely {FREE} goal setting worksheets! You can print them out again and again to help you really figure out your goals and their steps. Just fill out the form below and you'll get them sent straight to your inbox.

Why You Need to Have a 6 Month Goal Review {plus free printable worksheets!}
Why You Need to Have a 6 Month Goal Review {plus free printable worksheets!}

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Until next time, have a beautiful day!

Why You Need to Have a 6 Month Goal Review {plus free printable worksheets!}
Why You Need to Have a 6 Month Goal Review {plus free printable worksheets!}