How to Be Great On Camera & In Video

Over the past few weeks, we've been talking about video. And while we know that video is important to business, we also know that it can be daunting. Especially when you want to be great on camera but aren't sure how.

This week, we're digging into how you can be amazing in videos. And I'm breaking it down so you can make this happen right away, without any acting classes or screen tests.

Know Your Audience.

This is such a huge part of being engaging in video. You have to know who you're talking to. By knowing your audience, you'll be able to adjust your tone and mannerisms to apply to your viewers and make yourself more naturally engaging to your tribe.

Be Energetic.

Want to make sure people click away from your videos? Bring no energy to them. So many people get nervous in front of a camera so instead of creating an engaging conversation, they act like they're giving a lecture. And no one wants to listen to that.

Pump yourself up, get exciting and bring that energy to your video.

Embrace Your Personality. But Bigger.

Yep. I'm saying it. You need to embrace all those facets of your personality and then crank them up a bit. Not quite the caricature version of yourself but definitely a version that is more amplified.

Video allows for you to share your personality but you're still not sitting with someone that knows you well. So amplify those facets of yourself that you like to highlight so that people can pick them up more easily on camera.

Know Your Topic.

This is such an important part of video. Now I know I've talked about winging it but winging it is only natural if you actually know what you're talking about.

When you thoroughly understand your topic, you're going to have a much easier time seeming confident and that confidence will help others feel like you're a trusted resource!

Remember. It's a Conversation.

We never talk at people when we record videos. Because this makes the viewer feel isolated. It bores them. So instead, pretend you're having a conversation with a dear friend. Allow for some silly quips. Act like you're waiting for a response.

Have fun with it!

I mean, honestly, that's the name of the game here. Make your videos fun and people will stick around. 

And most importantly, practice. All great film personalities have grown with practice!

Kirsten Thompson