How to Grow Your Email List the Right Way

Email lists are usually not at the top of the list of things bloggers need when they start blogging, but it should be. Email is more important than social media in a lot of ways. In this episode of She Speaks Blog, we'll talk about simple ways to build an email list from scratch, as well as growth strategies when you're ready to kick it up a notch, like when you are launching a product or service.





  • You should be focused more on growing your email list than your social media followings. Why? Two words:
    • Control + Ownership
    • You have control over the schedule, the content, the level of engagement, etc. When social platforms change their algorithms, you have to re-learn how to engage with your followers.
    • You own your list. It’s yours. If any social media platform goes away, you lose contact with your people.
    • We’ll start with ways to start your email list. This is great if you’re new to blogging, or just new to email, and need to build momentum.
      • Signup forms: Guess what? Readers won’t go lookin’ so make them super obvious.
      • Sidebar, home page, post footer, about page
      • Don’t overlook popups: MailMunch, Hellobar, ConvertKit modal forms, Popup Ally
        • Make sure it’s turned off on mobile
        • Social media
          • Create a simple landing page and share the link on social platforms as part of your social media scheduling
          • Use the CTA button on FB to link to your landing page or signup form
          • Pin a tweet to the top of your Twitter profile
          • Share on IG
          • Create a vertical image and pin to Pinterest
          • Simple opt-in
            • Resource guide: use Canva
            • Free graphics
            • Exclusive content
            • Now when you’re ready to kick it up a notch, you can try some of these growth strategies:
            • Content upgrades: Similar to opt-ins, these are more specific, and attached to specific blog posts
              • One content upgrade can be used on multiple posts, but those posts should be related to one another
              • This is a great way to segment your list and send more targeted emails to your readers, or to test an idea for a product or service.
              • Ebooks, videos, audio content, templates, courses, quizzes
              • Challenges or courses
                • A series of emails delivered in sequence that have a result at the end
                • Great way to build hype or test an idea for a product or service
                • Create landing page & share that all over social
                • Give current subscribers first access or advanced notice
                • Set up initial email to send immediately welcoming them to the challenge or course
                • Send 5ish emails in sequence 1 day apart with a lesson or actionable task
                • Bonus: set up a FB group, or use an existing one, to give subscribers a place to ask questions or talk to one another about the challenge or course
                • Joint ventures: Collaborative projects with other bloggers in your niche
                  • You each get in front of a new audience, and you share the list of subscribers so you each grow your individual email lists
                  • Webinars, live workshops, recorded video or audio series, summits
                  • Write guest posts
                    • Reach out to bloggers in your niche and ask to guest post
                    • Write really epic content for their blog & include a free content upgrade
                    • No matter what stage of growing your email list you’re in, you also need a welcome sequence. The first email goes out as soon as new subscribers sign up, and should do a few things:
                      • Welcome them to your community
                      • Briefly introduce yourself (you can link to your about page, too) + include a picture of yourself
                      • Include links for them to share your landing page with their friends (like a click to tweet and click to share on FB)
                      • Ask a question
                        • A lot of people don’t realize they can hit reply and actually get to you, a real person
                        • It encourages conversation, so respond, at least to say thank you, when they answer your question
                        • Finally, maintain a consistent email schedule and always send valuable and relevant emails, never spammy. Your emails should do more than regurgitate your blog posts, but that’s another topic for another episode.


Whether just starting out with email, or looking to take your list to the next level, these email list growth strategies will do the trick! Learn how to build & grow an engaged list of subscribers in She Speaks Blog!
Whether just starting out with email, or looking to take your list to the next level, these email list growth strategies will do the trick! Learn how to build & grow an engaged list of subscribers in She Speaks Blog!