How to Create a Newsletter Thank You Page

Stop sending new email subscribers away from your blog! What would you rather see after signing up for a newsletter? A generic email thanking you for signing up, or a spiffy landing page that delivers the freebie you wanted, tells you more about the blog and the blogger behind it, and directs you to keep reading more awesomeness? Yea, I think I know which one you picked.

If you have a blog, you need a newsletter.  I'm not going to get into all the reasons why you need a newsletter for your blog, I'm just going to operate under the assumption that you already have one. (Seriously, that's another blog post entirely.)  Anyway, assuming you have a newsletter, today I want to show you how to make a Custom Newsletter Thank-You Page.

Such a smart idea! Instead of using the generic sign-up confirmation forms in your email service provider, create a thank-you page! Send subscribers back to your blog & deliver valuable content!
Such a smart idea! Instead of using the generic sign-up confirmation forms in your email service provider, create a thank-you page! Send subscribers back to your blog & deliver valuable content!

Some of you might think it's unnecessary to create a custom newsletter confirmation page, but I promise it's worth the time you'll spend creating one. It will help:

--> keep readers on your blog --> recycle old content to new readers --> guide readers in the right direction --> draw special attention to seasonal posts --> make special announcements --> share subscriber-only benefits --> and tons more!

So let's get to it, shall we?


For this tutorial, I'll be using MailChimp.  If you don't have a MailChimp account yet, you can sign up HERE for free. For more MailChimp help, CLICK HERE.


First, log in to MailChimp.  Click on the "Lists" link in the left sidebar.


This will open up all of your lists of subscribers.  If you have more than one blog, you might have a separate list for each blog.  Or perhaps you have multiple lists within your blog - one for readers who subscribe to your daily posts, one for those who only want weekly newsletters, etc.

To the right of the list you are going to be using, click to open the drop-down menu and select "Signup forms".


Here you'll see three options.  Select "General Forms".

In the drop-down menu for "Forms and Response Emails", select "Confirmation Thank-You Page."  You now have two options for customizing your newsletter confirmation page.

First option:


You can use the form created by MailChimp and customize it with your own header, greeting, and any content you'd like to add.  While this is a nice way to share some of your older content, I don't think it's the best way.

Ultimately, we want readers to actually go to our blogs, right?  So let's help them get there.

Second option:


Just above the MailChimp-generated thank-you page, you'll see a little section that reads: "Instead of showing this thank you page, send subscribers to another URL."

Perfect!  Head over to your blog and create a thank-you page, then pop that link in here and hit "Save".  SHA-BAM!


This is what my own newsletter confirmation page looks like.  I've got a cute little greeting thanking my subscribers for joining my newsletter, as well as a brief message about what they can expect.

On this page, you can add links to your awesome older content, photos of your projects, special announcements if there is something fabulous you want to shout from the proverbial rooftops, and tons more.  I actually put a reminder about once a month on my blog calendar to update the links and add any seasonal content.

My advice, though, is to keep it simple, and keep it fresh.  The goal here is to keep readers on your blog, so try to only add links that are within your blog, rather than social media links that will take them away from your blog.


That's it!  Simple, right?  Yep, but effective.  People subscribe to your newsletter because they love your blog.  They are telling you, with every subscription, that they want more of what you have to offer.  Don't disappoint!

Any questions?  Feedback?  Do you have a newsletter and is it rockin' people's worlds?!

**This post was originally posted on my blog, Sweet Tea & Saving Grace, on August 5, 2014.**