How to Plan and Prioritize Your Day

Being your own boss is the bomb except for when it comes to planning your day. Seriously, it's the thing that really takes the most growth when you're trying to build your business because while you're in charge of your business, you're also in charge of your day to day and what gets done and when.

And that's a whole heck of a lot of discipline that most of us aren't naturally instilled with.

So we compensate. We buy planners, fancy notebooks, fun list pads. We hustle all day long and at the end of the day, we sit back and wonder where the day went. Especially since most of those days we look at our list and think "Holy cats! I still have all of this to do!"

It's not you. It's your method of planning your day. 

See, there actually is a method to your most productive day yet and that method doesn't have anything to do with an impossible list. Lists are a part of it but there's more to it than that.

Start the Day Before.

Yep. Your most productive day often starts the day before. Every night, as you're winding down with a mug of tea, take a moment to jot down everything you'd like to accomplish on the following day. There doesn't have to be a lot of rhyme or reason, just what you think you'd like to get done.

Then walk away. You'll revisit it in the morning.

Get Square on Your Purpose.

Once you're up in the morning, the first thing you really need to do is revisit your purpose. This is a simple 5 minute practice. Take some time to dwell on your why.

Why have you jumped into this business you're in? What are you hoping to accomplish? What does your end result look like? How will it impact your life? 

Is it all worth it?

Review That List.

So you just revisited your why. Your purpose. And now that it's fresh in your mind and on your heart, it's time to revisit that list you made the night before.

Those things that you put on the list... yeah. They're not all in alignment with your purpose. In fact, they're not all in alignment with you!

The next step to your most productive day is to eliminate every task that doesn't help your business grow and doesn't light you up. If you've added things to your list because you've seen other people do them but it's not necessarily for you, it's not a priority.

Prioritize the Remaining Tasks.

This is where it's time to really take some action. Whatever is left on your to do list? Prioritize that in order of importance. And don't be fooled, urgency and importance are two totally different things.

Answering an email is urgent and should be done within 24 hours. But it's not important per say. Important tasks are the things that must be done in order to continue to grow your business.

This all sounds well and good, right? But maybe you're feeling a little stuck.

Don't worry; you can grab the free Plan Your Most Productive Day Mini Workbook right now! 

And remember, you're in charge of making your day the most productive yet!

Your most productive day isn't that out of reach. It just requires planning and prioritizing. So let's work on that! We're going to prioritize your day to make the most of it!
Time ManagementErin Shebish