Ep. 031: Marketing vs Engagement


There are two things you constantly hear about when you run any type of business online. Marketing and engagement. If you're a blogger, a handmade business owner, a coach or something else entirely, you've heard this before. You have to market your business to grow and you have to engage to grow.

But truly, marketing and engagement are two different things that will achieve the same result. The difference? One is going to leave a more lasting and positive impact.

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Marketing vs Engagement

  • Kirsten's News : Facebook (finally) Introduces GIFs in Comments
  • Erin's News : Facebook Debuts ChatBots in Group Chats
  • While many people dislike marketing, it's a necessary tool for business growth. And the truth is that people don't dislike marketing, per say, but rather they dislike icky marketing tactics. Marketing doesn't have to be sleazy or slimy feeling.
  • On the flip side, while marketing what you do is important, it's equally important not to turn your online presence into a complete "buy it now" game. You want to be sharing and providing value, not constantly pushing your products/services.
  • Take time to listen to your market. Identify their needs, what they're looking for, how they operate. Once you've learned that, you can learn how to implement marketing and engagement in a tactful and productive way.
  • If you're a blogger shaking your head at all of this, think again! You may not be selling a product but you're selling your content. You want people to pay you in page views. Thus making marketing equally important for you.
  • Remember your humanity. The best way to marketing in a way that is full of engagement (read: not sleazy!), you need to connect with other people. You want them to know you, to like you and to trust you. This means being a human. Sharing that you are a person and not a big box business.
  • Using Facebook groups as a marketing mini mall is a dead concept. Instead of dropping into groups only to toot your own horn, drop in to help others. Drop in to connect and encouragement. This is the engagement part of marketing that will take you even farther than dropping your eCourse link everywhere you go!
  • Psst! This isn't just great for engagement. If you want to sell your products or services or posts, you have to prove that you know what you're talking about. Sharing in this way will help people see your areas of expertise and will build an association for you.
  • Share threads can absolutely be helpful to building page views but only if you follow proper thread etiquette. That means following the rules, sharing other's content and doing so in a way that is beyond "great post!"
  • Freely comment on others social media, blog posts, websites, etc. Leave a heartfelt comment and your link. Many sites use CommentLuv and it will allow you to share your newest post. This is a great way for new eyes to find you.
  • Take share threads to the next level by building connections within them. If you find yourself constantly commenting on the same blog or sharing the same person's content, connect with them. Let them know how much you love what they do. This offers you an opportunity to build your own tribe!
  • Want to market in a meaningful way? Take those connections and work on collaborations! Collaborations give you more eyes while showing your connections online.


Marketing doesn't have to be sleazy. In fact, it shouldn't. You can effectively work the marketing of your business through incredible engagement!
Marketing doesn't have to be sleazy. In fact, it shouldn't. You can effectively work the marketing of your business through incredible engagement!