Ep. 039: Reflections on Podcasting


This is it. We're only one episode from the end. And this episode, we're wrapping it all up. We're talking all about this season, our thoughts on it and how much we love each other and you.

Oh yeah. And we're totally going to share how you can start your own podcast!




  • Kirsten's News : Facebook TV is coming this summer, report says
  • Erin's News : Instagram deters deletion with reversible “archive” option
  • Episode 11 was Erin's first time on the Blog Fuel Podcast. That interview is the whole reason she's here today. Kidding! But whoa, memory lane!
  • Marketing VS Engagement was the most popular episode of the season. This episode is all about using engaging to market so that you can grow your business in a non icky way. Click here to tune into the marketing vs engagement episode!
  • Blog Trends was next on the line in popularity. We bust some popular blogging myths and trends and FYI, Erin still doesn't like income reports. She prefers income vs profit.
  • Our runner ups are Monetizing Your Blog and Video Killed the Podcast Star.
  • Looking back, we're able to see how much we've grown as a podcast and as people. We are so grateful to each other and to all of our listeners for making this season so amazing.
  • There's a simple truth that we've both learned this season. We all start at the beginning. Practice builds skill and comfort. Meaning you can seriously do whatever you want with practice and dedication.
  • Starting a podcast sounds like it would be really technical. But it's not. What you really need is a microphone. Both of us use the Blue Yeti Microphone and it's the microphone we recommend. The quality of your audio matters more than almost everything else on a podcast.
  • Make sure you determine your format if you're going to podcast. Will you have guests? Will you be all alone? Whatever route you go, you'll want to have some talking points to get through it all.
  • You can use Skype or Zoom to conduct interviews. Skype usually works really well but Zoom is a great paid option!
  • There are only a few things you need to really make podcasting work for you. A pre recorded intro and outro to add to your podcast episodes, a host for your podcast episodes and an intro episode to get started. We use LibSyn to host our podcasts. Upload that intro episode to LibSyn.com (or whatever host you go with!) and then you can submit your podcast to iTunes via iTunesConnect. And that's it! You're ready to share your podcast!
  • The most important takeaway is to just do it. Don't wait forever or for things to be perfect to dive into your podcast if you've been dreaming of it. The season is going to come full circle right now. "Go ugly early, friend."


Podcasting is so much fun and we've learned so much along the way. In this episode, we're reflecting on the podcast and sharing how you can start one too!
Podcasting is so much fun and we've learned so much along the way. In this episode, we're reflecting on the podcast and sharing how you can start one too!