6 Social Media Mistakes That Will Hold You Back

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It's no secret. I love social media.

Whether I'm on posting or on there to see what others are up to, social media feeds my nosey heart's desires. That sounds awful but you know you're right there with me. That's why instagram is so awesome. It allows us to take a peek into others lives. And in turn, give people a peek into ours.

Not only is social media fun but it's definitely that thing that can make or break your success. You're not surprised, I know. From the dawn of the online business era, social media platforms have been touted as the way to really succeed in getting yourself out there.

There are so many "how to" guides and posts on social media superstardom that you can't possibly go wrong.

Or can you?

6 Social Media Mistakes That Will Hold You Back
6 Social Media Mistakes That Will Hold You Back

There are a million things you can do right in social media but there are also some definite No-No's in the social media world that will hinder your ability to grow and be successful.

Don't worry, I'm not going to keep you in the dark.

And as a preface, none of these are "unforgivable sins." These are simply things you'll want to change if you're guilty of them. Like I was for, like, ever.

Posting only for the sake of promoting yourself.

Yes, I know. Social media is for promoting. But friend, you've got to give a little more than that. Some outright self promotion is totally fine but don't make it only about that. Share a little bit about the life you're living. Share things from your favorite businesses and blogs. Build a community, not a mall. You know what I mean?

A good rule to follow is the 80/20 rule.  What this means is that your social media profiles should be made up of 80% non promotional content {like sharing other peoples content and interaction conent!} and 20% can be self serving. AKA promotional content!

Posting inconsistently.

This is a big deal! With Facebook and Instagram and even Pinterest changing the ways that people see posts, it's important to make sure that you're posting regularly. That sounds daunting but there are so many scheduling tools that help with that. Here are some popular choices.

  • Hootsuite - Hootsuite is a very popular choice because of how much you can do with it. You can schedule EVERYTHING but Pinterest. It starts free but in order to get full features you'll need to upgrade to the Pro account, which is $9.99 a month.
  • Buffer - Buffer is a super user friendly scheduling app that will let you schedule everywhere but Instagram. There is a free version available and it definitely works for businesses just starting out. However, if you have more than one Facebook account or groups you'll need to post in, look to the Awesome plan. The Awesome Plan will set you back $10 a month.
  • Meet Edgar - I won't lie... this is by far the most expensive plan here. But at $49 a month, people are raving about MeetEdgars scheduling abilities. This scheduler works with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You're able to create a content library of sorts and optimize a schedule for your social media.
  • Post Planner - This is a new favorite tool of mine! While there is a free version, the $9.99 version is so worth it. You can schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter with Post Planner. But what makes this service so unique is that it has it's own content library that you can dip into, providing proven viral posts.
  • Later.com - This Instagram scheduler is easy to use and you can schedule 30 photos per month for free! Paid accounts start at $19 a month. However, you can totally get by on the free account and earn more photos per month by referring others.
  • Tailwind - This is a Pinterest Scheduler. I've only used it briefly and found it to be easy and user friendly. At $9.99 a month, it's definitely worth looking into.
  • Boardbooster - Another Pinterest scheduler! This one is really neat though. You can set up looping pins and more. You're first 100 pins are free. 500 pins is $5.00 per month. There are also higher plans available

{What do you do when you're bootstrapping your business though? Keep an eye out, I'll be sharing a post on how to get started for almost no money!}

Following people and asking for follows in return.

Oh my goodness. I cannot believe people still do this!! Maybe this is a pet peeve of mine but that makes me feel like the follow was just a way to gain followers rather than following out of interest. You don't want followers that are only after a follow back.

Let me repeat this. You don't want followers that are only after a follow back.

That. Is Not. Your Audience.

And you totally don't want to follow a bunch of people only to spam them with your account. That's icky.

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Not connecting with other bloggers/businesses.

One of the best things about social media is the ability to be a part of such an awesome community of people. Follow people that are in your niche and make friends! Support one another. Not only will it help you grow online but it'll help you grow in your heart! Even the Grinch wouldn't be able to ignore the happiness that the blogging/small business community has to offer!

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Ignoring Your Followers.

If people are commenting on your posts, reply to them! It doesn't have to be a novel but it should be something. Ignoring people is a great way to let people know that you're really not interested. And you should be! The people commenting are your readers... your customers. Treat them the way you like to be treated.

And believe me... it's no fun to try to connect with someone only to have them ignore you.

Bad mouthing other businesses or bloggers.

This goes for the DIY blogger down the street or Target. Don't. Badmouth. Others. Regardless of what you feel about them. I know what you're thinking. "But Erin! You're always saying be authentic! Be true to myself!" Friend, I totally mean that. But I'm 99.5% sure that your true self isn't a negative nelly. Don't make other people feel like you are by filling your 140 character space with meanness!

If there is a situation that you feel poorly about and it must be addressed, do so privately and with grace.

So are you breaking any of the social media don't rules? What would you add to the list?

Until next time, Have a beautiful day!

6 Social Media Mistakes That Will Hold You Back
6 Social Media Mistakes That Will Hold You Back