6 Time Management Tips to Master Your Schedule

If there's one thing I'm absolutely certain of it's that time is limited and fleeting. And if you're an online business owner, you're probably feeling that deep in your bones every day. Especially if you're a one person show. I mean, really. There is so much to do. Every. Single. Day.

But you know what? Even before I started working online, I found my time to be exceedingly limited. Not because I have so much to balance {of course, I was a mom then too... so that may have contributed!} but because I was terrible at time management.

Can I make a confession to you, right here and now?

Up until the past year, I've been HORRIBLE at time management. Which meant that I was always rushed, always stressed and always feeling like I was just barely treading the waters of life.

Yeah. Not a good feeling.

But all that has changed. For the most part. Of course I still have my crazy days {Hello, soccer season.} and there are definitely moments that I wonder how I'm going to get everything done. But honestly? Those days truly are few and far between. Nowadays, I'm able to take actual breaks, read books and totally own my online business.

6 Time Management Tips to Master Your Schedule | Because we all could use more time!
6 Time Management Tips to Master Your Schedule | Because we all could use more time!

So what do you think? Are you ready to get your schedule under control? Are you ready to maximize your productivity and take back your life? Let's do this!

Look at the BIG Picture.

Really, this should say "figure out your why" but because I say that all the darn time, I decided to say look at the big picture. Take 15 minutes to sit down with a pen and paper. Or your computer and a word doc. And really write down your why. What is your goal? Are you trying to spend more time creating quality content for your business? Or maybe you want to be a more joyful parent and feel less stressed while doing it!

Whatever your big "why" is, writing it down will make this a goal for you. It's a reminder of why rearranging your routine is going to make things better... even if change is hard and sometimes a little scary.

Create a schedule.

If you're a business owner, I feel like you've heard this piece of advice before. But then there are all of these people that proclaim the awesomeness of the "hustle." You know, the entrepreneurs that work day and night and say never say no! That's all well and good for them, but I'll tell you what... that lifestyle just doesn't jive here. And you're probably feeling a little bit the same, right?

The hustle is real and you absolutely need to devote time to work and business but it's so important to take time for you. Even the most successful entrepreneurs will attest to that.

So set a work schedule for yourself. Say "I'm only going to be working these days at these times." Of course, as your own boss, you have some flexibility there but once you set those hours, you know that nothing else can really happen then.

For example, I work every day from breakfast till noon. I take a break to play with my 3 year old and do some household chores. I get back online to work from 3-4:30 and then I'm done for the day! Yes, there are days that I flex that a bit but 97% of the time, that's that. I don't break the schedule. I treat my business like a business.

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Use a planner.

Chances are you have a planner of some sort. You're using something to keep track of the things you need to do. But if you don't, grab one. I highly recommend the Day Designer but really, planners are a personal thing. Find one you love. Something that will fit your needs. And make it a paper planner.

I know what you're thinking. Why? We have cell phones with calendars. I totally love my calendar app but something about writing something down really commits it to your memory. And it makes it much easier to see what you have planned and when. Which means, hello. No more double booking yourself.

And that is one of the best parts of time management!

Don't be afraid to say no.

It's okay to say no to things you don't have time to do. Or don't want to do. Moms, I'm talking to you on this one. When the PTA president calls and asks if you can make 45 dozen cookies and you're already stressed about how you're going to get dinner on the table and make sure the kids all have clean underwear in the morning... it's OKAY to say NO.

Unless you have the time, it brings you joy or you absolutely MUST do it {you know I'm thinking about those dreaded dentist appointments}, just say no. No one will think badly of you for it. I pinky promise.


Not long ago, I chatted with a woman that wanted to know how on Earth I managed to do what I do. Meaning be an involved wife and mother, taking care of my home and my pets and running my business. This is a brief overview of my day to day... I won't bore you with the details. But I laughed and said she had it all wrong.

I don't do it all.

What I do is delegate. I'm not afraid to ask for help anymore and that is a totally liberating way of living. My husband works a full time job and I'm totally okay with asking him to help me by loading up the dishwasher or by handling bedtime for me. Sometimes I even have my sister come over to play with my kiddos so I can get things done if it's a particularly crazy day.

Prioritize and Focus.

Take a look at your to do list and prioritize it. The "must dos" on the top. And then focus in on completing those. Don't get distracted by other minor things, focus on your must do tasks. And complete them.

This sounds easier said than done, but truly... this is a game changer. Once you hone in on the priorities and you challenge yourself to get them done, you'll see how quickly those tasks pass. Leaving you with some spare time.

Unless it's closet clean out day. Because closet clean out day takes forever. {or is that just me?}

So there you have it! My top tips to managing your time and schedule. What do you do to keep your schedule and time under control?

Until next time, have a beautiful day!

6 Time Management Tips to Master Your Schedule | Because we all could use more time!
6 Time Management Tips to Master Your Schedule | Because we all could use more time!