What to Send Your Email Subscribers

Okay, you’ve started that email list but you’re worried about the content. What in the world do you send people? I mean, chances are you’re already posting blogs or at least posting on social media. You don't want to just aimlessly send emails and annoy people and you feel like you've already said a ton. What's really left to say?

Plenty, friend. Let’s dig into this week’s quick and dirty!

Don’t worry about reusing content.

  • Your people don’t read everything you post.
  • You can recap things you’ve shared on social media.
  • You can expand upon something you’ve posted on your blog.

Take important dates into consideration.

  • Are there important dates coming up? Launches, events, etc? You can plan newsletters around that.
  • Your email list is your VIP list. They expect to get dedicated emails keeping them up to date!

Get Real with Your Subscribers.

  • Your VIP list is like a love letter.
  • Share the real and the raw behind your business.
  • Getting real build deeper connection which can lead to more sales!

Give the Why.

  • Maybe you recently reviewed a product… or you created a masterclass. Why did you do this?
  • Expand upon the motives and people are more inclined to dig in.

Tell a Story.

  • Want to really engage with people? Tell them a story.
  • This should be a story about your life and a problem you overcame and how.
  • Stories should be relevant to your business/products your offering.

The most important thing is to be consistent.

  • No one is expecting perfection.
  • People are expecting you to show up.
  • Keep showing up, be yourself and the right people will stay.

But what about the unsubs?

  • Don't even worry about them!

Sending emails shouldn't be stressful. It should be fun! 

You've got the mailing list... now what? How do you nurture these subscribers? What do you send them? Friend, I've got you covered!