How to Write an Amazing About Page

If there’s one thing that business owners seem to get all icked out by, it’s the about page. And hey! I get it! I get weirded out by writing about myself too. I won’t lie.

But it’s a crying shame because when you look at most websites, can you guess what the most often visited page is? If you said any other page aside from the about page, you’re wrong. Sadly.

That’s right. The about page is the most visited page on most sites and there are so many good reasons for this.

There are approximately 644 MILLION active websites on the internet. I’m not kidding. 644 MILLION. That’s a lot. Now average internet user isn’t going to see even close to that amount but they’re going to see a lot. Between online shopping and late night questions on how best to reheat day old burritos, people are consuming a great deal of interwebs. And a good portion of it is probably not very human.

Which is why bloggers and small business owners are kind of a novel experience!

While we know that there are people behind websites like Amazon and WebMD, we also know that it’s a fairly large machine, right? If you send an email to Amazon, you’ll likely talk to multiple people and it’ll be friendly but definitely more customer service like.

With bloggers and small businesses, people stand the chance of connecting with an actual human. Not just that but the human behind the writing or the products. Which gives a greater sense of connection.

And you want that sense of connection.

Your about page is one of the most visited pages on your site. Make it work harder for you by creating a page that will leave your readers wanting more!
Your about page is one of the most visited pages on your site. Make it work harder for you by creating a page that will leave your readers wanting more!

So how do we foster that feeling of connection and humanity?

With a brilliant about page.

About pages are the key to showing the world that you are a real person. They give the viewer a larger glimpse at who you are outside of the business you’re in. They build connection.

And in case I haven’t said it enough, it’s all about connection, my friend.

So what exactly makes up an amazing about page?

Of course, there will be variations from person to person. And that’s a great thing! Because not only do we want to foster connection, we want to be authentic to ourselves.

And yes. Authentic is probably the most over used word of 2016 but in this case you absolutely should be true to yourself. Okay?

Anyway, while there will definitely be some variations, there are some guidelines that are tried and true no matter was business you’re in. Whether you’re a food blogger or you sell hand crafted elephant bonnets.

Share a little bit.

About yourself, obviously. In fact, this is the place where you can talk all about your achievements. Your certifications. You can define your business’ mission statement. How you got into your line of work.

Share your why; the reason you keep pushing forward in your business. Share your dreams and your heart.

And, friend, I want you to know something.

You can absolutely brag a little bit. I know we’re all trained not to be braggarts but in this case, you have full permission. After all, if you don’t share it, how will anyone else know to?

Share even more.

Now you’ve shared all about your business and your mission behind the business. Time to inject a little real life in there too!

Share a bit about who you are outside of your business. And don’t be afraid to add some quirk to it! If you’re a giant Marvel comics nerd, share that! If you spend all of your spare time volunteering at the disabled kitty shelter, share it!

Share the things that make you unique and set you apart.

Make it about them.

Did I just throw you for a loop? I mean, all this time I’ve been talking about how you need to share things about yourself! But the truth is that the best way to keep people engaged is to talk about them too!

Have you ever been out with a person that just non stop talks about themselves. It’s a little, well, boring. Because we want them to acknowledge us too! Your readers feel the same way.

So when you’re writing, make sure that you keep your tone conversational. Instead of writing out an essay about yourself, write it the way you would say it to someone in real life.

Beyond that, you can share how your mission is for them. If you’re a food blogger, let them know you're a foodie with a passion for helping people create easy delicious meals so they can enjoy time outside of the kitchen while still nourishing their bodies. Or maybe you’re a handmade business owner. Explain how your product benefits them!

Make it Visual.

Words are great. Pictures are even better.

You know that saying “a picture is worth a thousand words?” It’s true. So share some photos. This helps break up the text and keeps it more engaging. It feeds our need to see lovely things.

And as always, when sharing pictures, make sure they’re high quality and good representations of yourself and your brand.

Leave a Call to Action.

As you close out your about page information, leave some directions with what to do next. You can share your favorite posts or products from your site. Or maybe even your most recent opt in incentive!

The thing is that your viewer may hit the bottom of the page and not know where to go or what to do next. So don’t leave them hanging!

I love including a few popular links, an opt in form and a reminder that they can reach out to me any time.

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So there you have it. Are you ready to spruce up your about page? Or maybe yours is already amazing! Leave me a comment and let me know!

Until next time, have a beautiful day!

Your about page is one of the most visited pages on your site. Make it work harder for you by creating a page that will leave your readers wanting more!
Your about page is one of the most visited pages on your site. Make it work harder for you by creating a page that will leave your readers wanting more!