How to Build Your YouTube Community

Everyone is talking about youtube. Like, everyone. It's become such a big deal that you can't get online without seeing something about why you need to start a channel or how you can grow your audience. 

But let's get real! Some of the info getting put out there is such a turn off. It's complicated and feels like just another thing to learn. Which is why this week I'm sharing 5 tips to help you grow your youtube community that won't take a ton of time to learn.

Mostly because you already know how to do this. Ready?

First things first, YouTube is a social platform. I know people treat it like a search engine but it's meant to be social. Hence the commenting and the thumbs up. It's a way to engage. And since you know that, you'll be able to dig into the rest of this with ease.

Follow and Engage with Other YouTubers.

Now I'm not talking about the follow/unfollow method but instead, follow YouTubers that you actually enjoy watching. Subscribe to their channels and comment on their videos. Share their content. That engagement helps build a relationship with other YouTubers and can help you build that audience as well!

Engage with YOUR Viewers.

It's not enough to engage with the people you like watching, you have to engage with your viewers too! Respond to comments, ask them questions. Treat your viewers like your friends... because they are so important.

It can be easy to forget those first few viewers as you grow but they're honestly your most important viewers. They're the ones that trust you and come back to you, even though you may be brand new!

Be Engaging on Camera.

Stop creating videos of you delivering a lecture. Instead, pretend you're having a one sided conversation. Tune into your own natural personality and let that personality shine on camera. Let people get to know the real you and they'll be more inclined to stick around!

Even better, use engaging language while you're recording. Talk to your audience, never AT your audience.

Create Content for Your Audience.

Seriously. This is a big one. Don't create content that doesn't apply to your audience simply because it feels "on trend."  Tune into what your ideal viewers want to watch, what they're coming back to you for, and create content around that!


YouTube is an excellent place to create connections in the form of collaborations. Be a guest YouTuber on someone else's channel so you can get new eyes on your message.

Or invite someone to be a guest on your channel! It provides your audience with value and you with new content.

Collabs are always a win win!

Okay, friend... YouTube doesn't have to be complicated. The most important thing is to just start! Now get recording. I'll see you on YouTube!

2018 feels like the year of YouTube. There are a million tutorials and posts available on how you can grow your following and channel and so many of them are just complicated and stressful. Not this one though! Subscribe