Ep. 071: Breaking the Mold with Jen Glantz

Back in episode 036, Erin read a news story about a woman who found a unique business inside of an oversaturated industry - Bridesmaid for Hire. Jen Glantz definitely broke the mold, from her unconventional way of getting her first clients, to how she continues to grow and tweak her growing business. We were excited to have her on the podcast to share her story, and we hope it inspires you to take big risks and break your own molds!

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How to Repurpose Video Content

I’m a big fan of finding ways to have the maximum impact with the least amount of work possible. I wouldn’t call it lazy - I’d call it efficient. This efficiency model definitely applies to content creation, as well, especially video content. It’s one of the main reasons I love video so much - you can repurpose that “ish” in so many ways, and it literally takes a few minutes to record one video! 

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How to Be Great On Camera & In Video

Over the past few weeks, we've been talking about video. And while we know that video is important to business, we also know that it can be daunting. Especially when you want to be great on camera but aren't sure how.This week, we're digging into how you can be amazing in videos. And I'm breaking it down so you can make this happen right away, without any acting classes or screen tests.

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Kirsten Thompson