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Facebook Live is one of the easiest ways to connect with your audience, establish trust with potential clients and customers, and foster an engaged community. But we hear the same question over and over again:


Maybe fear of technology or putting your fabulous face on camera is holding you back. Or maybe you don't know what you'll even talk about! Have no fear. Facebook Live 101 is here!

Lessons are designed to be completed in order, however, feel free to skip around if you already have a firm grasp on some of the concepts covered in this course. Click the links below to jump to each video, or simply scroll down to start with Lesson #1.



Set up your audio and video equipment, whatever you have available, and do a practice live broadcast only to you. Watch the replay and critique yourself. 

BONUS: Go live to a friend you trust, or share the replay with a friend you trust. Ask them for feedback, such as:

  • How was the quality of the audio & video?
  • Were there any words or phrases I said repeatedly that I should try to avoid?
  • Did I make/keep eye contact with the camera?


Grab a piece of paper or open a new Google doc and make a list of possible live topics. No editing at this point! Review recent blog or YouTube comments, questions you see in Facebook groups, and responses to your newsletter and/or social media posts.

Try to create a list of 10-15 potential topics.


Make a list of several calls-to-action that you can provide to your live and replay viewers. If there are links to these CTAs, put them in a handy document that you can easily access during your next live broadcast. 

BONUS: Write 3-5 captions that include calls-to-action based on your list of potential live topics. 


Dig into your Facebook group/page insights and determine 2-4 different days of the week and times of day that would be ideal for a live broadcast. Based on your schedule, determine when you would be able to host a consistent weekly broadcast.

BONUS: Schedule your first live broadcast as a Facebook event within your group or on your page and start inviting people!