Podcasting 101

Podcast like a boss

and Reach a Whole New Audience!

Podcasting continues to rise in popularity as more and more content creators realize how easy it is to produce, and the opportunities podcasting provides for audience growth and engagement. But one question continues to arise:


Believe it or not, podcasting is relatively easy and affordable, but there are a lot of moving parts. Podcasting 101 gives you an outline and workflow that you can follow to go from BIG IDEA to LIVE ON ITUNES in no time!

And the best part? It's only $67.

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The Wit + Wisdom Team are taking your from IDEA to ITUNES with ease! We'll show you how to format your show, work with guests, what software and equipment to use, how to edit on PC and Mac, write great show notes, and so much more!

Podcasting 101 is packed with 17 lessons delivered in both VIDEO & AUDIO format. You can download the audio and listen like a...you guessed...podcast to learn as you go!

Use the power of your voice to reach a whole new audience!

Ready to Tackle podcasting Like a Pro?

So what exactly is Podcasting 101_ (1).png

I thought you'd never ask!

Podcasting 101 is a self paced eCourse designed to help you take your big idea and turn it into a successful podcast. Over the course of 17 bite sized video lessons you'll learn:

  • How to hammer down a topic that will fit your audience
  • What equipment you need to get started
  • How to get the best audio quality possible
  • What software to use for recording and editing
  • How to edit on PC and Mac
  • How to work with guests
  • And so much more!

What People are Saying About W + W

They’ve been there, done that and truly, 100% want you to succeed. Do yourself (and your biz!) a favor and don’t miss out on these group coaching sessions. You’ll walk away knowing it was WELL WORTH the investment and then some!”
— Launch Your Daydream Team on Working with Wit + Wisdom

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Once you've enrolled, you'll have immediate access to the course. And that access never ends. This means if we update the course, you'll have access to those updates. If you need to come back for a refresher, it'll be here waiting for you.

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Join the Wit + Wisdom community for continued support and encouragement as you begin your live stream journey. Have questions? That's where you'll find answers! And Team W+W will be there to love on you every single step of the way.

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Complete this course and you'll have everything you need to create engaging and successful podcast episodes. You'll walk away with immediate actionable advice, tips to keep growing and the tools needed to make you #ultralegit.

What are you waiting for?? 


Meet Your Instructors

Kirsten Thompson (right) and Erin Shebish (left) make up Wit + Wisdom. They have a combined 15+ years experience in online business as product based business owners, bloggers and service based entrepreneurs.

And they've been using Live Video from the moment is stepped onto the scene.

Both women have a passion for empowering women and sharing their "industry secrets" to equip others to reach their version of success.

And they do it in a way that makes learning easy, enjoyable and entertaining.

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*the fine print: due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. this product is delivered virtually, you will not be shipped anything. we are in no form associated with libsyn, itunes, stitcher, or any other resource used in the course. results may vary but we 100% believe in our approach to podcasting.