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Erin is a Success Mindset Coach and Kirsten is a Content Strategist. Together, they're a powerhouse of information and guidance for anyone in the online business world. 


Learn more about how to work with us, from
coach-sulting packages to speaking engagements and everything in between!

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Coach-sulting provides small business owners with the clarity of success and mindset coaching, as well as the direction of content strategy consulting. These are threesomes you will want to talk about - you + Erin + Kirsten makes three! Click any of the options below to learn more and book your discovery call with us!

Weekly meetings rotating between coaching, consulting, and joint coach-sulting, for a three-month period.

Weekly meetings rotating between coaching, consulting, and joint coach-sulting for a one month period.

A one-off, in-depth, 90-minute call with both Erin and Kirsten for coach-sulting. This is a great refresher or to bounce ideas off of us!

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While we definitely feel you need both mindset coaching and strategy consulting all in one, perhaps you just want to work with either Erin or Kirsten for right now. No worries! Choose from the options below, and click to learn more!

Gain clarity and powerful mindset shifts with coaching from Erin.

Understand your StrengthsFinder results (Free Assessment!)

Define your target audience + map out your content with Kirsten.

Recorded SEO Audit of your site + consultation.

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